Our Clients

PAssion App
  • An App for all Singapore Resident who want to pursue their lifestyle & lifeskill passions.
  • A mobile app that provides one stop quick access to People's Association offerings.
  • Singapore Government lifestyle application for the community.
  • Hosted on cloud infrastructure.

MSF - Communication Guardian
  • A team of volunteers supports the community with domestic violence reposting app for the Singapore Government
  • Mobile frontend, reporting and backend infrastructure to support and mitigate the issue.
  • Hosted on cloud infrasture.

PAVE - LMS & Content
  • Collaboration with PAVE, this project aims to make learning to be accessible and enjoytable for social workers and other professionals related to domentic violence.
  • Bite-size learning materials consists of courseware, infographic and simple 2D animated video.
  • A blended learning approach which consists of self-paced learning materials, activities via LMS and virtual sessions.

MUIS - Consultations
(Learning Needs Analysis & Programme Evaluation)

Zionext, in partnership with Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), will be developing a customised evaluation framework and evaluation tools in ensuring that the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) will be able to produce high-quality programmes and courses for Asatizah, under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme(ARS), now and in the future.

The Asatizah plays an important role in shaping the Islamic Education landscape in Singapura. Thus, the CPE is an important training programme to enhance professionalism and inculcate a continuous learning and development culture of Asatizah.

Certis - Content

Existing training materials on Customer Service(Basic) were converted from PowerPoint slides into an Interactive e-Learning courseware.

This module aims to nurture and equip all new staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to have a positively caring mindset and deliver quality service in daily operations.

By having the interactive courseware on the LMS, staff will be able to view the content anytime and anywhere.

There are both formative and summative assessment within the courseware to help learners and trainers assess the learners' understanding.

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