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ZIONEXT is officially “Great Place To Work® Singapore Certified™”

YAY! ZIONEXT is officially “Great Place To Work® Singapore Certified™”. The recognition is a testament to our commitment in creating a workplace that nurtures performance, growth, appreciation, connection, and belongingness. A place where we collaborate, respect, innovate and spur each other to greater heights. It reflects our intense focus on providing an inclusive, diverse, and highly engaging environment. 
“2021 has been an extraordinary year, with businesses across the globe bearing the brunt of the pandemic. At ZIONEXT, we believe and advocate open communication, a two-way communication channel is what we adopt across the board. Employees are aware of the environment that they are part of, feel accountable, empowered, and actively contribute to a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone feels safe and can thrive. Our result shows that the Best Workplaces have not only withstood the storm, but many of them have also risen to the challenge and responded with care for their people, their customers, and the community at large. This is a tremendous recognition in building a sustainable business.” said Samuel Tan, Group CEO 
Many congratulations to each employee for building a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ in our organization. 

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