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Strategic Collaboration and Partnership Agreement with Huawei Cloud APAC

ZIONEXT has signed a Strategic Collaboration and Partnership Agreement with Huawei Cloud APAC today which allow both companies to jointly developed new products and services in digital learning and teaching particularly in the cloud base learning management platform and its applications and jointly market such new products and services globally, particularly in the Indo-Pacific and Central Asia region.  

ZIONEXT’s vision is to build the Next Generation Global Learning Ecosystem across industries in all market segments with our 4-D services (dMedia, dPlatforms, dSystems, dManaged). HUAWEI CLOUD is an important strategic partner to ZIONEXT and plays an important role in achieving our vision.

With this partnership, ZIONEXT is confident that we will be able to grow and expand our joint offerings in the region.

“I am excited that ZIONEXT and HUAWEI CLOUD has signed the Strategic Collaboration and Partnership Agreement today, I am confident that we will be able to leverage on each other’s strength and bring our joint solutions to the region. I want to thank HUAWEI CLOUD for inviting me to share how ZIONEXT’S 4-D Services can help organization in their learning transformation. It was an enriching session to be one of the speakers together with the other industry leaders.” said Choon Hwee, Samuel Tan, Group CEO of ZIONEXT.

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