Nanyang Technological University
Tech-enabled Learning (TEL) Program is a lynchpin multi-year education technology program by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to holistically transform brick-and-mortar classroom session to an engaging interactive teaching and learning model.

In this project, Zionext worked closely with faculties across all colleges in the university (College of Engineering, College of Science, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and Nanyang Business School) to deliver pedagogically sound, interactive and engaging learning experiences in various learning formats including SCORM, HTML5, Simulations, Videos and Animations.

Zionext created and delivered more than 10,000 learning assets, and approximately 2,000 teaching hours during TEL.
Textile and Fashion Training Center ( is a fashion school that offers fashion-related courses and programmes to help prepare their students for the fashion industry. The topics cover marketing and merchandising, apparel design, and even industrial engineering. aims to provide quality and holistic instruction to help their students grow.
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