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We don't dream to make the world a better place. We make IT happen.
Be part of our multi-talented team and create meaningful work across different industries as we innovate for our tomorrow.
We're creating an environment that maximises your potential as innovators.
Andrew Cai
Product Manager
Stay hungry and stay curious, be humble.
There is always so much to learn, and we are consistently learning new ways of doing things. And tap into the community, your colleagues around you and learn from one another.
Andrew Toh
Development Operations Engineer (dSYSTEMS)
To succeed in the tech industry, we must constantly innovate and evolve to stay on the cutting edge.
That's the reason why Zionext advocate a lot of career development and ability to upskill and keep up with the increasingly techonology-driven world.
Leroy Lin
System Development Engineer (Test Lead)
If you're someone passionate in learning and techonology, looking to accelerate your learning curve, Zionext is the place for you!
Imelda Agorto
Senior Manager, Development Operations (dMEDIA)
Techonology is there to help accelerate learning. With the fast-paced world, you must keep yourself attuned to the current trends, what's in there and explore how to use them and apply them.
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Chong Wei Yin
Software Development Engineer
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Arivazhagan S
Software Development Engineer
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Najumal H
Software Development Lead Engineer (Tech Lead)
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Freddie Tin
Deputy Technical Manager
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