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As the leading Learning System Integrator in Singapore, Zionext provides our clients a combination of customized IT solutions. We are able to design, develop and deploy modules that will help you grow your business. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you get the most value out of your investment.
When it comes to Learning System Integration in Singapore, Zionext is the preferred partner for businesses of all sizes. We have a proven track record of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that help our clients achieve their goals.
Long processing wait time is a thing of the past, enhanced efficiency and connectivity is what we offer. Zionext specialise in system integration with the ability to effectively automate processes via technology.
Customised modules for LMS require additional efforts to integrate onto any generic Learning Management System. Some of the integration that Zionext have executed includes :
Digital content: EPUB reader
Digital courseware: SCORM or xAPI engine
Learning and assessment applications: video streaming, video conferencing, eTest, eExam, Course Recommender
Login modules: Single Sign ON (SSO) authentication system, social media sign-on
External systems such as SAP HRIS, Windows’ Active Directory
Additionally, we have partnered vendors strong in their respective fields to complement our service offerings. Our non-exhaustive integration services include:
Translation Management System
Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test, Source Code Review
Sharepoint Services
Adobe Connect
Cloud Implementation – Government Commercial Cloud (Singapore), AWS, Azure

How Zionext Helps Your Company with System Integration

Our team of experts that will work closely with you to create custom solutions tailored for your business needs and requirement. We collaborate closely with all departments, from management to department and project leads that specialised in different areas like accounting, administration and engineering, to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of the new system.
Integration between your server systems allows you to make the most of your current infrastructure to increase efficiency. No more back-and-forth between departments to complete a single work.
We create a secured and centralized storage solution for all important data, from customer records to confidential documentation. This will keep your data safe and accessible no matter what happens to your local systems.
We identify and strengthen any weak spots in the firewall which may be compromising your business's security. This is done to ensure that both you, as well as our customers can feel confident when using these services.
We deploy a well-implemented system for tracking of your business performance in real time. Your organisation can identify any negative trends and make necessary adjustments before they become a concern.
Migrating your business to the cloud is a great way to improve efficiency while keeping costs down. We provide comprehensive migration services that will have your business up and running on cloud in no time.

Benefits of integration

One-time data entry

The first and most apparent advantage of connecting two learning systems is that it saves time entering data into both. Information is duplicated automatically, and reports are pulled through after a connection has been established. This ensures constant access to the information you require.

Real-time results

Transferring of data is a daunting process so by integrating your learning systems, data will be automatically synchronised. A well-integrated system allows results to be available real time, ensuring the ability to make changes or generate a report as and when required.

Cost savings

System integration promotes cost savings via the reduction of expenses, administrative time, upkeeping of software and allows for more targeted budget investment on critical areas.

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