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A well-designed learning platform is a cornerstone to managing, delivering and measuring your organisation’s learning and development efforts. Whether it is to easily execute critical training functions such as employee induction, compliance training or sales enablement, automating course recommendations or for certification management, the right LMS will power up learning platforms in your organisation.
To stay ahead of the curve, learning strategies need smart, user-friendly solutions that can be tailored to support evolving learner and organisational needs, be it to bolster learner engagement, boost productivity and performance or to promote continuous learning.

Reasons to Work With Us On Your Business Learning Management System

At Zionext, understanding client requirements are at the core of our solution design and delivery philosophy. Whether it is an LMS with a standard features list or more personalised solutions such as enabling experiential or social learning, we ensure that your organisation is equipped with the most appropriate, customised tools for learning success.

Wealth of experience in LMS development

Modular LMS architecture that reduces turnaround time

Proven track record of success and accomplishments

Robust LMS platform that can accommodate your business needs

Superior post development support

LMS for Education Institutions

Zionext offers an adaptable learning management system for education institutions. It provides a simple way to manage the entire learning processes in a single platform, from creating courses and lessons to tracking student progress and providing educators with valuable insights on how students learn. With easy-to-use features like student profiles, classroom booking, event management and more, Zionext Learning Management System helps to streamline your school’s operations and simplifies administration works.

LMS for Government Sector

Zionext offers a complete, end-to-end Learning Management System (LMS) for the public sector. It facilitates various Government agencies to easily develop, deliver, and manage training programs for their employees and partners. Zionext LMS provides a centralized platform for government agencies to manage and monitor the progress of their employees' learning and development. It also allows government agencies to develop customized training programs that are specific to their needs and requirements.

LMS for Business - Corporate/Enterprise

A corporate and enterprise Learning Management System is a comprehensive platform that allows businesses to tailor their employees' learning experiences. It functions like an eLearning database and allows organisations to effectively assess, report, and deliver training courses to their employees.
Beyond simple onboarding, a corporate and enterprise LMS helps businesses train, reskill, and upskill workers so that they are agile and resilient in an ever-changing world. As most corporate LMS platforms operates online and on cloud, businesses can deliver quality corporate eLearning to the entire workforce virtually, with just a few clicks.
Using a corporate learning management system enables managers and L&D staff to provide employees with continuous learning and training in a convenient manner that fits into their normal workday. The productive power of an organization's learning management system can be improved by incorporating blended learning, microlearning, and interactive training tools to keep staff engaged and up to date.
It is suitable for all businesses that want to improve the effectiveness of their employees and the organisation as a whole.
Key features of corporate/enterprise LMS includes:

Multimedia features

Learner’s feedback

Training Program Personalization

Mobile learning

E-Learning Solutions

Zionext offers a comprehensive elearning solution that caters to the needs of businesses as well as enterprises. Our e-learning solutions are designed to provide a stimulating and enriching learning experience for users, while at the same time optimizing organizational performance.
With Zionext e-learning solutions, it allows you to deliver dynamic and consistent training content to all users. The simple user interface and interactive features enable users to learn at their own pace and the reports helps to track their learning progress. This makes the entire reporting process more straightforward as the system can monitor student's progress and ensure that they meet specified learning standards. Users have unlimited access to eLearning materials and can be accessed with their smartphone or tablet. It saves time with online learning and deliver the information your users need efficiently and more organized.
Pencil LMS
Pencil is built with the most stringent requirements for learning environments. As a fully featured enterprise level LMS, it is designed with a modular and scalable architecture which means Pencil continues to grow with you as you grow your user base.
Pencil comes with tools to help you build courses, design learning content, create learning paths, deploy learning resources and activities. The platform also comes with social learning features, allowing users to create learning communities, form study groups, share information and collaborate with fellow learners

Pencil is web responsive and supports SaaS and on-premise implementation. Our target are plans to support offline and mobile usage, so learning is always available for users.

Clients love us for the strong and dedicated technical support we provide. Be it in troubleshooting, security or upgrades, we are always there to support you in your learning transformation initiative.
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Moodle - User Centric and collaborative learning environments

Moodle is one of the most widely used Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the world, providing users with a powerful set of robust, secure learner-centric tools and collaborative learning environments that brings training and learning to the next level. This open-source software can be adapted for use by a wide range of organisations and institutions, in partnership with a knowledgeable Moodle Solutions Provider.

Our developers understand Moodle technology, features and intent and we are well versed with its strengths and limitations. We have produced suitable modules and processes to meet clients’ LMS needs and requirements.
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