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Custom Applications

We understand every client’s needs are unique. For features or workflows that are not available in regular Moodle or our proprietary Pencil LMS, we will help turn your requirements and ideas into innovative and effective solutions. Our LMS architecture is modular, allowing for quicker turnaround time for customized requirements and better bug resolution. 

The LMS customisations we have done to date, among others, include:

  • eExam module tailored specifically for a statutory board academy
  • Personalised course recommender based on learner competency and client organisation's training and competency roadmap
  • Course registration approval workflow
  • Multi-tenancy model to manage content sharing across many divisions in client organisation

As a testament of our deep yet adept software engineering expertise, clients have approached us for solutions and delivery of custom applications tailored to their organisational needs beyond the learning domain.

Notable projects include high level national initiatives such as:

  • Wireless@SG, an application development for the public in Singapore nationwide to easily sign up and connect on free Wireless@SG
  • Passion Card, a mobile application development for account holders to transact membership services conveniently on their mobile phones

We adopt the Agile development methodology in our project execution. Our emphasis is on incremental delivery, continuous collaboration and sharpening user stories as they evolve during the project phase. So we deliver to your exact requirements and needs.

Speak to us today to find out how we can turn your unique learning or business custom application requirements into reality.