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Learning solutions

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is the process that introduces new employees to an organization and its culture. This allows employees to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviours needed for them, not only to be successful in their craft but how they will reach their career goals.

Let's work together to ensure that your organization leaves a long-lasting first impression to your new and existing employees and inspire them to be the best version of themselves.


Technical training empowers your employees with the necessary tools and knowledge in order to perform the technical components of their jobs. Investing in technical training helps your company have more efficient employees who are confident in their abilities and eventually, adding value to the company.

To maintain a competitive edge, we help companies foster that learning culture by creating comprehensive training programs that are accessible and measurable.


Compliance training is a vital component of an organization as it educates employees of the company policies and procedures that are relevant to their function at the workplace. A successful compliance training helps organizations proactively distinguish and mitigate any possible issues before any violation occurs.

At Zionext, we help you build a culture of compliance by creating bite-sized yet impactful learning modules that reinforce key concepts and company regulation changes. We go the extra mile by engaging learners through the use of interactive videos and simulations, case study scenarios, and even rewards.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement training goes beyond the basic sales skills training. This encompasses the sales core components from employee onboarding to pre-sales until post-sale communication. It encourages organizations to establish a sales team with an appropriate sales mindset and behaviour.

We aim to be a part of this journey by helping organizations in creating scalable tools that will differentiate themselves from competitors while exceeding customer’s expectations. We craft our training elements to suit your company revenue projections and ultimately have the perfect sales kit for your sales presentations.

Extended Partner or Client Training

Learning as a competitive advantage extends beyond staff training. One group of stakeholders are your contractors, or partners who deliver your service. Yet another group could be clients, of which their training is part of your value proposition.

Training for these partners or clients helps you raise the quality of your service. It’s also an opportunity to build brand equity and turn your clients into advocates by providing the gift of training. Zionext sees learning holistically, and can help create training that provides your partners and clients with clear and effective training that reinforces your brand.

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