Pedagogical Base Training
While Zionext’s Learning Strategist and Learning Designer have transformed the client’s content to make them current and interactive, we believe the faculty / trainer’s skillset should also be upskilled to utilise these resources. As part of our services, Zionext provides pedagogical-based training, which is the Why, What, When, and Who of teaching or learning.

This helps faculty / trainer to keep abreast of useful teaching and learning knowledge / skills, such as latest technology tools which increase interactivity, creative approach to teaching, and conducting effective online training as it requires trainer to maintain learner’s attention throughout the course, participate and guide learner virtually. These factors are often amplified as the limitations of online learning especially in situation where faculty / trainer is not upskilled in adapting to the latest training material, tools or learning environment to maximise the effect of training.

With these considerations, some of the titles we have crafted and delivered include: “Creating Instructor’s Presence in an Online Learning Environment” and “The What, Why, When, and How of Blended Learning.”. These provide clear guidance to faculty / trainer to best utilise the resources available to them in providing most value in their courses.
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