Learning Consultancy
We understand that not all clients have a team of Learning Strategists or Learning Designers in their payroll and even if they do, their exposure may not be as wide as ours. We are exposed to a variety of industries due to the nature of our work and thus, they bring to the table a myriad of good practices accumulated over the years.

We will find out about the client’s learning strategy, current pain points, what works and not working currently, interview the learners, etc. We then piece the jigsaw before collaborating with the client to shape the interventions.

In addition to the expertise our team brings to the table, by observing and analyzing from a third-party perspective, our team can remain objective throughout the process and detect blind spots faster. With that, our team would be able to provide higher quality consultancy services. This is helpful especially to larger companies with multiple departments and workflows that involve multiple parties. This means the proposed intervention would be one that truly aims to fix the current pain points without any biasness or sentiments in making the right decisions.
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