Impact Study
This is often the forgotten part of the teaching and learning journey, i.e., studying the impact the transformed content has on your business. The simplest form is running a survey at the end of the lesson on what the learners have acquired and say 3 months later to find out if they have applied the acquired knowledge/skills in their work. Of course, there are also other forms of evaluation such as demonstration of the practical skills learned (such as fixing a machine or demonstrating a massage technique) or a quiz post-training to assess the understanding of the learner.

At Zionext, we believe training and development should result in behaviour change of the learners and at the same time, has a positive impact on the business. Therefore, we are guided by the Kirkpatrick Model in conducting evaluations. The Model consists of 4 levels, namely Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Results as shown in the diagram below. Our team is equipped, with the expertise, to collaborate with our clients to measure the impact and at the same time, advise them on the tweaks required for the following round of intervention. For example, in situations where training does not result in the behaviour change or impact desired, our team would collaborate with client to further analyse the root cause that obstruct the desired impact and propose a solution that works for the client. This expertise allows us to provide effective recommendations during learning consultancy.
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