Gamified e-Learning

What is Gamified e-learning?

Gamified eLearning is an integration of the elements of game into the digital learning. A successful gamified e-learning program is one that is done in a meaningful and effective way – without overusing it and by connecting it back to the learning objective. While a specific task or course must be completed regardless, with gamification, it leverages on the psychology aspects to encourage and enhance the learning experience. It is no wonder that 70% of global 2000 companies utilize gamification in their organizations.

Why Gamified e-learning?

1. It has been found that gamified work experience increased up to 60% of employee engagement. This is great for organizations that intend to introduce new policy, mandatory courses, initiatives or implement changes to workplace. Such campaigns or programs can be a challenge for management or HR as they often receive little to no response or engagement from employees, which then could lead to poor outcome. With higher engagement, it helps boosts success rate of a campaign or program and to collect useful feedbacks.

2. Gamified e-learning is a great way to increase motivation as it taps into our needs for instant rewards, gratification, and feedback. With features like badges, perks, leaderboard, certificates and points, it promotes healthy competition and boosts motivation in learners to continue with the e-learning course. Learners have a sense of control and direction, and they are given instant response. As learners gain higher motivation in learning, it helps with knowledge retention and encourages learners to follow-through with their learning process.

Gamified e-learning is undeniably gaining popularity in corporate world and in education. Let us transform your learning program today!

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