Emerging Technology
Zionext is constantly on the lookout for emerging technology that is useful for teaching and learning. Some of the emerging technology that we have begun piloting with our clients include the use of Chatbots, a computer program which simulates conversations with human. This is commonly seen on online shopping platforms, where the customer service chatbot popup would appear either automatically or when shopper clicks for support online (help center).

Understanding that the most effective form of learning is on one-to-one basis and when learning takes place at the pace of the learner, Zionext believes that the usage of Chatbots could be extended to training as well, especially because humans are social creatures who usually learn best through interaction with each other.

For the past project delivered by Zionext, we have managed to frame a training course in the form of chatbot. It was customised in a way where the language or slang used was one that learners within the organisation was most familiar with (as requested by client) and the conversations were more relaxed to simulate real chat conversations between colleagues, such as the use of emojis, jokes, GIF etc. It was also done to give the illusion that there was more than one learner and instructor for different sub-topics. While it was unable to provide full experience of real human conversation, it does provide greater interactivity and allows learner to learn at their own pace.
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