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Digital Learning

Digital Content Will Drive the Future of Learning

The next generation of students, learners and workers will thrive on digital content.

Is your organisation ready for them?

In an age where people are more comfortable searching and interacting with information using their smartphones, tablets and laptops rather than print, learning digitally has become the new normal.

Our digital content services team can help you navigate with ease this dramatic shift in learning paradigm. You can rely on our world-class capabilities to produce, publish and distribute quality digital content across platforms and at affordable prices.

Quality Digital Content for Online Learning

We create new or convert existing training content from print, audio and film to digital formats such as eBooks, mobile apps and mobile content for distribution across all platforms (Windows, Android) and in digital media devices such as mobile phones, tablets and eReaders.

Our approach to digital content development:

Multi-platform digital content
We optimise content across multiple platforms to prevent technological lock-in.

Our digital content experts adopt a learner-centric approach and apply sound pedagogical principles and systematic curriculum development processes to redesign learning content for digital platforms. We design digital content that is interactive to create engaging, immersive and meaningful experiences for learners.

Make digital learning the new norm
We leverage on our research and development expertise and cutting-edge learning technologies enhance our digital content services for schools, corporations and online learning and education providers.

Learning Solutions Matrix

We have developed a Learning Solutions Matrix as a guideline to simplify the Instructional Design strategy as well as effectively identify the appropriate Learning Assets taking into consideration the Activity and Technology Design level.

This is composed of the Bloom-Redeker-Guerra (B-R-G) mapping model tied up with the Instructional Design strategies and list of possible digital and non-digital assets.

Bloom's Taxonomy

(Content Design Level)

Redeker Taxonomy

(Activity Design Level)

Guerra Scale

(Technology Design Lead)

Knowledge, Comprehension (Remember, Understand)


GS1, GS2, GS4, GS5

Application, Analysis (Apply, Analyse)


GS3, GS6, GS8, GS10

Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation (Analyse, Evaluate, Create)


GS7, GS8, GS9, GS10

Our Development Process

At Kydon, we put in place key practices in our design and development process to ensure transparency and efficiency in project implementation and delivery.