Digital Learning
In this age where people are used to instant gratifications (getting the answer to a question, almost immediately, via a Search Engine) and engaging multi-media content in their personal life, this expectation has also creep when they are wearing the hat of a learner. These learners do not feel motivated to consume the content if they are in a static format like PPT, PDF, etc. for too long (more than 30 minutes in duration).
People are always consuming content via their mobile devices while on the move. It is a common sight in public transport that people are watching movies or reading content from social media sites. They are comfortable consuming content via mobile devices, and this is a trait which Zionext will capitalize on in our solutions.
Zionext understands these traits in learners and that is why we marry the best of breeds between content, technology, pedagogy, and the learner’s profile. This ensures the content we transformed, engages your learners, and is of value to your company/institution. Zionext offers an end-to-end spectrum, through the following services, to transform your teaching and learning.
Learning Consultancy
We understand that not all clients have a team of Learning Strategists or Learning Designers in their payroll and even if they do, their exposure may not be as wide as ours. We are exposed to a variety of industries due to the nature of our work and thus, they bring to the table a myriad of good practices accumulated over the years.
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Content Development
While this is the traditional Guerra Scale of Interactivity courseware transformation, Zionext does not believe in the cookie cutting approach where we treat all content to be equal.
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