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Lead your organisation's learning transformation with confidence

Tap on our​​​​ digital learning solutions expertise from 500,000+ hours of integrating Research, Design and Technology

Tap on Zionext's digital learning solutions expertise from 

500,000+ hours of integrating Research, Design and Technology

Meeting All Your Digital Learning Needs Under One Roof

We combine professional training and industry experience in various fields - learning design, digital content creation, curriculum development, learning technologies and systems integration under one roof - to offer clients an integrated suite of learning services.

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. ~Jack Welch

Learning is the new competitive edge. Partner us to make this a reality for your organization today.

Learning Transformation for the 21st Century


Organizations of all types will probably not find many comfort zones in the years ahead. A confluence of disruptive forces will transform work and working in the next 10 years. Today, formal education can become obsolete before it is even completed. We may find that traditional educational goals such as mastering a major subject or earning a degree that provides a narrow entryway to a particular profession or job will be de-emphasized, while broader preparation that is more attuned to a globalized economy may predominate. The workplace will increasingly need to function as a classroom, and the classroom as a passageway to the working world.

Transitioning to Workforce 2020, CISCO White Paper


One of education’s chief roles is to prepare future workers and citizens to deal with the challenges of their times. Knowledge work – the kind of work that most people will need in the coming decades – can be done anywhere by anyone who has the expertise, a cell phone, a laptop, and an Internet connection. What is certain is that two essential skill sets will remain at the top of the list of job requirements for 21st century work: The ability to quickly acquire and apply new knowledge. The know-how to apply essential 21st century skills (problem solving, communication, teamwork, technology use, innovation, and the rest) to each and every project, the primary unit of 21st century work.

21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times, Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel

Defence and Security

We have empowered our soldiers to be effective in this new kind of battle. We have given them the capability and authority and responsibility to function in distributed operations, semi autonomously. But we have not changed the way we trained them to accept this responsibility. What we should be consumed by is developing leaders who can adapt to whatever future they will find and innovate.

General Martin Dempsey, 18th Chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff

What We Can Do For You


Identify your business goals, organisational and learning needs, and the success measures to address them.


Propose learning solutions to meet the unique needs and close the performance gaps of your target learners without deviating from your branding or core message that you aim to send across.


Foster that learning culture by creating holistic training programs that are accessible and measurable against your desired business outcome.


Elevate learning to the next level by delivering it quickly, serving it digitally, making it accessible, and time-efficient for learning.

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