Lead your organisation’s learning transformation with confidence
Tap on Zionext’s digital learning solutions expertise from 500,000+ hours of integrating Research, Design and Technology.
Meeting All Your Digital Learning Needs Under One Roof
We combine professional training and industry experience in various fields - learning design, digital content creation, curriculum development, learning technologies, systems integration and managed services under one roof - to offer clients an integrated suite of learning services.
What We Can Do For You
Identify your business goals, organisational and learning needs, and the success measures to address them.
Propose learning solutions to meet the unique needs and close the performance gaps of your target learners without deviating from your branding or core message that you aim to send across.
Foster that learning culture by creating holistic training programs that are accessible and measurable against your desired business outcome.
Elevate learning to the next level by delivering it quickly, serving it digitally, making it accessible, and time-efficient for learning.
We’re With You In Your Learning Transformation Journey.
We eat, sleep and breathe Digital Learning. We work with our clients to design and deliver the best digital learning strategies at the heart of all we do, from the government to educational institutions and corporates.

We’re excited when they succeed in the digital transformation.
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We are a team of highly skilled instructional designers, pedagogy specialists and media technologists who are passionate about delivering e-learning, mobile learning, virtual learning and other learning expertise that matches your business goals, budget and corporate culture.

We have the expertise to design, develop, implement and manage the entire new technology-enabled learning environment for you. We are also flexible to scale up or down as required, be it an e-learning portal, a mobile learning app, or a complete turnkey learning solution, we can get it done for you.
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Our Digital Learning Consultants adopt a total systems orientation to every project. We look at the whole system – processes, people and technology – when designing learning solutions.

We will also work with your HR, corporate or training and development team through a seven-step process: learning needs analysis, learning solutions design, learning strategy, learning delivery, learning curriculum and content, system integration and project management, and lastly, change management.

A holistic approach ensures all client learning requirements and solutions are addressed on the get-go, helping you save time and money in the long run.
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We have designed and developed thousands of hours of digital learning content from university courses to corporate learning solutions and military training videos and simulations.

You are in good hands when you entrust your digital content design and development to us.
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Scaling good quality training content, experiences and outcomes for the workforce beyond the confines of a classroom or office make it easier for your business to replicate its critical success factors rapidly.

If you are thinking of bringing your best training content and learning experiences to your remote learners ex-territory or in the field at twice the speed and half the cost, our learning management systems have done the thinking and hard work for you.
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